The Mandela Effect Secret Messages…

I do believe that the changes being made are to give human kind a message.  Some of the words changed or deleted are mostly from quite deep profound sentences, well this was my interpretation. Please go through the many Utube videos and see if you think there could be some kind of message let me know. Peace out.


Wake up people….

The world is changing

…the world we live in has made us lose our true way of life. We should not focus on material possessions but soul progression.

We’ve been mind controlled by the government/media/TV to be their puppets, they are entertained by our conflicts towards each other and therefore encourage this anyway possible.

I’ve always felt imprisoned by life through the money slave operation and now the universe is sending us paranormal messages to warn us we have been kept in the dark about the fake leaders of our world.

All I know is if we can change our ways of thinking we can make our world a better place for the future. PLEASE UTUBE the MANDELA EFFECT & REPTILIANS to get a grip on this reality that’s been manufactured around us making us fixated on wealth and greed not peace and love.

I’ve always believed that all countries can live in peace and the common ground is love not money. Look deep within yourself to achieve spiritual enlightenment and let go of all your fears, believe in a better world… I do.

Open your minds and hearts.

This is the post excerpt.

Please help me spread this message. The power is in each and everyone, it’s up to you to choose. I’m about to try and reach enlightenment as two weeks ago I found out the secrects of the world that I always suspected deep down. This won’t be easy as it’s changing a life time of habits. After you watch my recommended Utube searches below, let me know your views.